Dreambake - India

Don't worry - eat happy!

What mattered most – was to provide a sweet moment of joy whenever it’s needed.

We created a simple, yet powerful brand mark that’s memorable, cheeky and lighthearted playing as it does on the brand’s name. A small moment of joy, a cup of tea and a piece of cake – the perfect way to reinvigorate and revive for millions of Indians on a daily basis. It’s smiling face framed against the modernity of the white and silver background pattern cuts through the clutter of the busy market providing a beacon for those looking for a small treat.

We didn’t want Winkies to take itself too seriously, rather play up the lighthearted nature of the name and the fact that the products are a small, affordable treat that brightens your day. We wanted to add character, personality and a contemporary brand voice in a category more focused on heritage and tradition.

Outcome – Sales are up 250%+ and the brand is gradually going national from its base in Bengal. Furthermore, confidence in the brand is now so high two new factories have been commissioned in the South and West to meet the expected demand.

Winkies is cooking up the sweet taste of success.

The new Winkies brand has transformed our whole business, it’s so much more than just a pack upgrade - it’s given everyone a much greater sense of identity and pride and has allowed us to take the next step forward on our journey to become ‘The Cake Specialist’.
Anirban Ghosh
General Manager, Dreambake Private Limited
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