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Clear and powerful equities

What mattered most to Vitasoy was a desire to establish powerful visual equities with which to build the Vitasoy brand and thus ‘lead’ the growing plant milk category. These equities would aid identification in-store and give the brand a unique language and tone of voice to be rolled-out across all aspects of the marketing mix.

Believe you me were tasked with creating clarity and consistency for a range (and category), which was messy and confusing. Thus making it easier for consumers to shop.

Inspired by the original logo, which harks back to Vitasoy’s 77-year-rich history, the new design is simple, iconic and expresses the natural ingredients used across the range. It’s tasty too, with an added ‘splash’ on pack playing tribute to the brand’s famous creamy taste.

The ‘Plant of plenty’ icon at the centre of the design is the anchor for all packaging, with the logotype sitting above it. The roundel behind the ‘Plant’ denotes the ingredient used to create the milk itself. Other aspects of the design and styling are flexible, allowing for the creation of milkier, barista-specific and organic ranges, which still maintain a strong Vitasoy range feel.

By taking a broad strategic approach and exploring how the brand talks, moves and feels, we created a cohesive system for Vitasoy that extends beyond packaging into digital, animation, experience and more. We also created a comprehensive brand guidelines document so that not only consumers – but internal teams and partners – can navigate the brand easily.

We also recreated the Vitasoy website ( to more clearly tell the Vitasoy story. Plant milks are often seen as confusing and so the website clearly and explains the processes used to create milk and different Australian ingredients which are used. The site also explores the health benefits of different kinds of milk and provides recipes and ways of incorporating plant milk into your daily routine.

By creating a clear set of foundation elements that will grow and evolve with Vitasoy, we have given the growing plant milk category a fresh new outlook. And for good reason, with a 20% increase in dairy alternatives globally and 30% of Aussie households now putting plant milk in their baskets.

We’re delighted with the Believe team, creatively excellent and visionary in terms of strategic outlook. It is great to work with a team so flexible and collaborative.
Nick Bartram
Marketing & Strategy Director, Vitasoy ANZ
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