Go create...

What mattered most – to encourage people to get creative with Switz dough products and make something delicious!

Switz is the worlds largest producer of samosa dough pastry with a great reputation amongst it’s loyal, mainly Saudi Arabian users. The opportunity lay in taking the brand to the next level by giving it the stature of a leading global brand, and taking it to more international markets.

The new identity is based around the outcome of a company workshop which delivered ‘Love, Create, Share’ as the brand idea. The new logo builds on this idea, the warm embrace when family and friends get together to share a meal, event or special occasion whilst also expressing the physical process of working dough with your hands.

Outcome – During the initial 6 month period since the re-launch profit increased by 20%.

The new Switz brand identity is having a transformative effect on how we think about our company internally as well as how our customers perceive us. Believe You Me have taken us on a journey where we now feel confident and empowered to take our ‘Go create...’ range to the world.
Adel Khorakiwala
Executive Director Saudi Masterbakers
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