A very good morning

What mattered most – to establish a ‘better-for-you’ snacking offer to cut through the clutter.

‘Sabahoo!’ is Arabic for ‘Good Morning!’ It is also a range of ‘better for you’ snacks produced by Saudi Master Bakers. The portfolio of snacks includes muffins, croissants and pastries. Although of better quality than competitors, Sabahoo struggled to get noticed within a busy and competitive retail environment.

Sabahoo had a great name, however the brand needed an authentic and distinctive tone of voice to set it apart.

BELIEVE brought to life the name of the brand in an free-flowing voice-bubble – reflective of the name. The lettering, organic and friendly in nature, appearing as if ‘stamped’ on honest and natural brown-paper packaging. This ‘morning call’ came from a series of beautifully simple bird illustrations by Lo Cole, which re-enforced the friendly and open brand personality.

The use of brown-paper as a brand colour also gave a cohesive presence to the range on shelf, which felt natural, honest and ‘better for you’.

The Sabahoo relaunch was particularly challenging. Believe You Me was required to understand Arabic and deepen the product brand relationship at the same time. By focusing on the birds and introducing the brown paper bag feel to the design, they have accomplished this and exceeded our expectations. We will continue to work with Believe You Me because of the personal attention and passion they bring to every new engagement.
Adel Khorakiwala
Executive Director, Saudi Masterbakers
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