Eat natural,
live natural

What mattered most – To disrupt the date market by launching a new, premium global date brand which created a new narrative around the natural, nutritious and healthy attributes of dates. Eat natural, live natural became the brands mantra. Nutra needed to be appealing to both the Arabic and Western worlds.

The brand owner, Al Foah is the worlds largest date supplier. They needed a strategic brand design agency that understands both Arabic culture and global western markets in order to build a coherent brand and communication strategy.

Working in both English and Arabic, Believe You Me successfully developed a visual identity for Nutra that works beautifully in both languages and brought to life the sense of occasion of date consumption intrinsic to Arab culture.

The design is based on a unique date palm icon formed from the ‘n’ of Nutra. The tree is laden with fresh dates which hang from the letterform. This tree was created as a tile
(a nod to Arabic design) which could then be multiplied to become a ‘plantation’ pattern which created a distinctive visual language for the brand.

To reflect the brand idea of ‘Eat Natural, Live Natural,’ white was selected as the base brand colour. It evokes a sense of the natural, healthy and nutritious attributes of dates and works well with the copper foil logo which adds warm prestige cues.

Outcome – the launch of a premium brand that speaks directly to the Arab and Western worlds took place at Gulf Foods 2019. Further products will shortly be added to expand the range which will then be taken to the world. The business aims to be selling globally across some 45 countries within a number of months.

Believe you me have proven to be highly adept at imagining and bringing to life our vision for a new brand for the Middle East and the world. Their strategy and brand advice was second to none, along with the creative output being truly world class. A job well done!
Shahbaz Aslam
Marketing Director, Al Foah, UAE
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