Sharp Focus

What mattered most – To shake up the Indian tobacco market by creating a new brand that was radically different and unique. The brand is based around genuinely superior tobacoo blends, many from the historical archives of Godfrey Phillips when blending was an art form.

Finding and creating a visual metaphore and brand name that fit with the Godfrey Phillips strategy was the key to realising this project successfully.

With 17 different products in the range from day one Hawkeye created quite a stir when it launched in pop up kiosks overnight in Mumbai.

The Craftsman’s Cut range embodies the artisan skill of the tobacco blenders, reviving traditions from an age before machinery took over. The range of seven packs explores blends and tastes more readily associated with the spirit industry. Completely unique in the market they offer customers an entirely new and satisfying smoking experience – something to be savoured.

World Estates is a range of single country of origin tobaccos sourced from the finest gowing regions of the world. The hawks flightpath as it scours the world in search of the finest tobacco was the inspiration for this range of designs. The pattern is printed as a spot gloss varnish onto the matt black metal tins with embossed embelishments and individually hand applied labels of the country of origin of each unique blend.

Believe You Me has continually delivered strategically and creatively with recent work on the Hawkeye brand being no exception. Working directly with the management team is always a pleasurable and engaging experience and allowed the essence of the brand to be defined and brought to life beyond expectation. I would not hesitate to recommend BELIEVE, the team is truly first class.
Aditya Guptoo
Executive Vice President, Godfrey Phillips, India
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