Uniting India’s services

What mattered most – To bring together the vast array of professional services India offers the world under one coherent and unifying identity.

Services are the biggest driver of growth and employment across India, and is a key focus of the Government. With its vast educated and English-speaking workforce India’s is an acknowledged center of professional services. The Government of India is seeking to double the number of people working with professional services within the next 5 years, a major challenge.

The identity needed to capture the essence of India and it’s culture of ‘Seva’, to selflessly give service for the betterment of others.

The design is based on a peacock, the National Bird of India which has long been depicted in Indian art, mythology, poetry, music and traditions. The peacock is made uniquely Indian by the feathers forming a Chakra wheel which is also at the heart of Indian culture and represented on the flag itself.

The design system encompasses the Master brand India Services identity and a sub set of 12 Champion Sectors each of which have their own distinct colour code to set them apart whilst remaining united within the system.

The identity was launched by the President of India, the Honourable Shri Ram Nath Kovind during May 2018.

Believe You Me was the perfect strategic and creative partner for such a challenging project.
Amita Sarkar
Deputy Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry
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