City of Melbourne

Breathing new life through intuitive UX

The City of Melbourne council is responsible for Melbourne’s CBD as well as several busy surrounding suburbs. As a large organisation and employer, the city turned to us to develop and implement an intranet which would compliment its current systems and procedures.

It is incumbent for any large organisation to ensure that its policies, procedures and protocols are clearly articulated, documented, and made accessible for the individuals within the organisation.

Such policies, procedures and protocols should be touchstones to help all understand what they can expect from the organisation and, in turn, understand what is expected of them. The City of Melbourne’s Human Resources department required the development of a web-based internal intranet – HR Online.

In collaboration with their in-house development team, we helped the City of Melbourne design and implement the web based intranet. Our designers pitched with a refreshed UX design based on the familiarity of existing frameworks that were currently in use within other Council departments. The result was a well polished and user friendly intranet with remarkable employee benefits and department efficiencies.

HR Online is a strategic vision to bring sources of information under one intuitive and optimised user interface was an intrinsic part of our team's role.
Wil Wylie
Digital Partner, Believe Branding
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