Cherry Blossom

Polish this cherry off

What mattered most to Reckitt Benckiser, was to re-establish Cherry Blossom’s status as an iconic Indian brand.

The Cherry Blossom shoe care brand had tremendous heritage across generations and was an essential part of looking your best. However, the brand ‘lost its shine’, evolving haphazardly to reflect international competition, rather than proudly communicating a clear point of difference and a premium positioning within the marketplace.

We recognised that the brand’s most significant visual equity was its ‘Cherries icon’, which had been diminished to an afterthought. The strongest way to rebuild the brand’s equity was to single-mindedly bring the Cherry narrative back to life.

Across multiple variants and formats we created a new ‘twin cherry’ logotype, which expressed a strong and natural shine. The stalks linking the cherries were tied together like shoelaces, adding a simple, unique ‘smile in the mind’ idea to the brand.

Secondary information was carefully handled to allow the new ‘twin cherry’ logotype to remain the hero across all formats and thus give a more premium feel to the brand overall.
The new logotype also allows for unique and own-able expressions across all media and communications.

Outcome – Sales increased by 10%, despite the category overall being in decline.

Believe You Me were superb in their ability to define a strategic course of action for the Cherry brand, along with creating the brilliant single-minded new Cherry design. Uplifting the Cherry brand to a new premium level was central to the brief and this has been delivered upon via a truly ownable and unique idea.
Harsh Takru
Category Manager - Home Care, Reckitt Benckiser, India
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