Melbourne University

Taking Australia’s largest medical and dental collections online

Working with the University of Melbourne, we developed a digital museum hub to organise and showcase the organisation’s comprehensive medical and dental history collections online across three distinct websites.

The University houses some of Australia’s largest medical and dental collections of real human tissue specimens and historical anatomical artefacts. The origins of some lie in the earliest years of the University’s establishment in the 1850s, while new acquisitions keep the collections dynamic and relevant. To showcase these collections, three museums exist within the university – each with their own rotating exhibitions.

We were commissioned to take the museum experience digital. The main objective of the project was to provide valuable educational resources for students in the medical and related anatomical disciplines, while also acting as a dynamic online exhibition space for the general public.

Extensive digital planning and strategy was undertaken to encompass the complex content structure, which included private collections secured to the University’s mainframe student network and offshore collection repositories.

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